General Quality of Life Suggestions


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Nov 9, 2023
First of all: Im just sharing my opinions on what could/should be improved and dont intend to offend anyone with it.

1. Incentivise PvP more. Currently theres no Endgame on this Server. People have nothing to gear for. E.G. make rbf worthwhile and implement rewards that are worth interrupting the grind for.

2. Make lifeskilling less gated. The Droprates on lifeskilling are awesome but getting into it is just too hard/much. Maybe tampering with geranoa would be worthwhile. I invested 1k Concentrated BS today and i got 1 tet out of it. You could increase the success chance on enhancements or give out something mediocre to give a base to work upon like TRI geranoa accessories or something like it.
Also i think most of people do Lifeskill but not necessarily enjoy it so making it a bit easier to get into would go a long way

3. Help with the Central Market. Noone here is selling anything which is tied with 1. and 2. The Lack of CM Goods leads to hyper inflation which leads to most of lifeskills not worth it. Adjusting Prices on highly sought after items etc would help alot aswell imo.

4. HP and MP infinite Potions: I love that the potion parts drop as nicely as they do but getting the stuff around it is making it not hard but just plain tedious. Doing Dailies for Petal Leafs is just timegating progress and thats ok to some point. Put why do i get more Potion parts than i get Garmoth Scales? In 2H with lvl2 loot scroll and Tent luck buff + all the premium packages im getting 12 Garmoth Scales? Maybe removing prognyl Bars from the loot pool would help here.

5. Getting Silver is nigh impossible without late midgame gear. Remove those Prognyl Bars and increase trash drops. Not being able to buy stuff of the market because i dont have enough money is ok. Not being able to buy stuff from NPCs is stupid.

6. With this one i have no idea what difficulty would come with it but its just something that bothers me alot. I love that the server has so many of the newer features like drakonia and magnus quest etc but please also fix the little bugs. Mobs dont spawn if im not standing ontop of them. They run underground. They bug out and stop being targetable etc. Its nothing gamebreaking but its so frustrating constantly running around empty spots because the respawn doesnt happen if im not within a 2m vicinity of its spawnpoint.

7. And lastly Failstacks. This is something purely based on my own opinion and experience but i do think noone enjoys failstacking. I personally would appreciate it immensly if we would have some ways of getting lower failstacks like on other servers like exchanging for blackstones etc. Enchanting is so extremly ressource heavy here that worrying about my failstacks just sucks out all the fun.

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