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  • wauwuauw.gifSerene is my in-game/new name, I got my name idea from Witch Path Of Exile (Necromancer)

    - I am regular player who likes to live in peaceful.
    - I likes helping new players, Carrying them till end game (specially in lifeskill tool).

    - You can uwu me in private message or discord (Healer#2546) if you have:

    • Lewd stuff.
    • Bored to death.
    • Uwu-ing with me 24h.
    • Need help in game or guidance.
    • (To be honest idontknow what to put here haha).
    • If you just get bored. or maybe want to play other game together with me if you want.

    I'm always enjoy playing BDO, finding a ways to cure my boredom.🥰🥰
    - I prefer not to turn on my microphone, im just shy.

    DustyDozen is my master & i'm his apprentice.
    Simple is my superior
    Elesmo, LarsRiege is my best friend.
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