Weight of gathering mats


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May 12, 2023
Idk if that was already mentioned or not, but i think it's a little problem.
Currently weight of all gathering materials from hoe or buthering or choping have 0.10LT , I have only 900 mastery what it actually nothing and with 8000LT of weiight that i have i got over 120% of weight after about 5-7 mins of gathering. Maids and butlers here arent also big help cuz i would need more than 100 of them to do gathering for about 30mins and every 5mins i need use maids cuz dont have enought weight.
So my suggestion is to maybe decrease weight of all this mats from 0.10 to 0.01LT


Nov 7, 2021
it has been mention quite alots, the reason why tent got 200k because of this...and yea, time to time recent players will make a complain about it..thus forgot the reason is because of the boosted drops...yea its kinda an issue...but there still a way around it..also the GM do send player with weight when they are online..so that also help i guess...but yea its a good suggestion
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