Artifacts and lightstones


Nov 7, 2021
Dear players, today i will talk about lightstones. It's really hard to get it, it takes some time. So how do you get it, I will tell you. There are 4 different lightstones in the game. These are attack, defense, health and life. The first thing we need is to obtain the raw materials. The easiest slots to get these are the weak slots. My advice to you is thsria ruins or polly forest. After obtaining these stones, you must process them and turn them into boxes. You can also do this through quests, but each box will cost around 30m. If you think that you will open 1000 boxes, it will be like 30billion. Another option is to do chemistry at home. The required level for this is guru 1. Once you've adjusted the required ingredients, you can turn these raw materials into boxes as if you were making a potion through chemistry. The rest is entirely up to you. There are gems that are the most impossible to get. For example, stones like Iridescent Lightstone or Lightstone of Wind: Fortune. So what kind of set effect do these give? There is a top due set effect as in the picture. Lightstone fortune gives this set effects. I will share the link of all set effects, you can check them one by one.



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