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  1. Crisiis

    Artifacts and lightstones

    Dear players, today i will talk about lightstones. It's really hard to get it, it takes some time. So how do you get it, I will tell you. There are 4 different lightstones in the game. These are attack, defense, health and life. The first thing we need is to obtain the raw materials. The...
  2. Crisiis

    Premium price

    premium cash shop its can't be sell its low price just put like high price so 90day for 750b 60day 500b 30day 300b 15day 350b 7 days 100b 1 day 15b
  3. Crisiis

    Witch succession addons

    up up
  4. Crisiis

    Witch succession addons

    Witch succession that skills addons dosent work
  5. Crisiis

    Hadum spots

    We did test orc spot yesterday. Everytning like to good and everything is working. But trasloot drops need to buff a little...
  6. Crisiis

    Increase teleport

    +1 need more TP
  7. Crisiis

    Stars end Tower

    If possible can u add tower in the stars end zone ?
  8. Crisiis

    Increase teleport

  9. Crisiis

    [Game] What is your favorite class?

    Awake witch (Rework)
  10. Crisiis

    Запуск ивентов

  11. Crisiis

    Premium home point

    Please add 2x more home point teleport location.
  12. Crisiis

    New things

    Red battlefiels reward very low than new system. Did u buff everything alredy, but u forgot red battlefield. U shold be buff now. Wekdays Winner team 400x caphras...
  13. Crisiis

    Game Download

    All player is saying same error. Launcher dosent work 0 kbps always torrent is same other link dosent work. Can u fiix launcher download ? new member can be start then.
  14. Crisiis

    Margoria Ghost Ship

    when i at great ocean (margoria) always that ship would be spawn in my ship pls remove that ship spawn
  15. Crisiis

    [Game] What is your favorite class?

  16. Crisiis

    Artisan's Stuffed Head

    We can't make the Deve’s Encyclopedia, because the recipe doesn't work.
  17. Crisiis

    Ship repair material doesn`t work

    you don't need it because you won't take damage from monsters
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